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GER manufacture a full range of CNC high precision, heavy duty rotary table grinders.  There are 3 different categories which cover CNC Rotary Table Universal Grinding Centres and 2 types of CNC Rotary Table Vertical Grinders.  There are 18 machines in total to choose from, covering a range of table diameters from 600mm up to 2500mm.

Vertical grinders have a distinct advantage over horizontal grinders in that rather than constantly fighting gravity, the weight of the component makes it easier to load and position it on the rotary table.

With an extensive choice of optional equipment available machines can be tailored to a customer’s exact specification.  The choice of machine and equipment being decided by the component size and production process required.

All machines include the latest Fanuc control and equipment packages.  The user-friendly software makes the machines even easier to use than conventional grinders.  Dressing is also made easy with pre-defined dressing profiles including automatic wheel compensation.

7 models in the range with table diameters from 600mm up to 2500mm

5 models in the range with table diameters from 600mm up to 1500mm

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